Podcast Episodes

Clicking on the "Podcasts" link on the left sidebar will get you to the podcast settings screen. There you can add / delete podcasts, edit the podcast data (title, slug, RSS feed URL, subtitle, artwork, description, show hosts, and more), edit the episodes, and manage the reviews of your podcast (hide or display specific reviews). 

In the image below you can see 4 icons: (listed from left to right)

  • Episodes: clicking on the the episodes icon will lead you to the list of all episodes linked to this podcast (same as clicking the title or image)
  • Edit Podcast: the second icon will open up the podcast settings/edit mode, where you'll be able to adjust the podcast information and content.
  • Reviews: clicking on the star icon will lead you to the main "Reviews" page, where you'll be able to see and manage all your reviews.
  • Delete: The trash icon is there if you need to delete the podcast altogether (this will remove all episodes as well)

Clicking on the left icon, the list icon, will take you to the episodes settings:

Your episodes are always imported from your RSS feed automatically. You can click the 'Sync' button to manually check for new episodes, or wait for the automatic/scheduled process to do so automatically for you. The automatic importer runs every hour or so (sometimes even less), and it will always import your latest episodes into the website.

You can add unlimited episodes to your Podcastpage site. When you list many episodes on a single page, you'll see a "Load More" button that would display more episodes as you click it. We recommend keeping the initial number of loaded episodes relatively low (<20) to keep your site speed optimized.

To edit podcast episodes, simply click on the 'Edit' button (or the title itself) and start editing the episode. You can change the title, content, URL, add a YouTube/Vimeo video (or any other embed by including the video embedded iframe code), add podcast guests, categories and much more. 

Lastly, you can also pick specific episodes to be featured and then display those featured episodes in one of the page builder widgets. To feature an episode, edit it and tick the "Featured episode" box, then save. Then you can use the "Episodes", "Episode Slider" or "Audio Playlist" widgets and tick the "Display Featured Episodes" option to only display those episodes.

You can easily change the date of an episode, or even schedule any episode to a future date so it's only published at a later point in time.

Note - Once you modify an episode, it will not sync with your RSS feed anymore. This means that if you change anything, it won't be removed/overwritten by the content you have in the feed every time it syncs.

Manually adding an episode

If you want to manually add an episode (which is not in the feed), you can easily do so by clicking the "Add Episode" button. This is especially useful if you have "bonus" episodes that are not part of the feed, or if you just want to include other entries without including those in the public RSS feed.

Archiving an episode

You can archive your episodes to ensure they are being hidden from your live site. When you archive an episode, it will never import again from the feed (unless deleted). At any point, you can easily restore back any archived episodes from the archive and bring it back to your site.

Deleting an episode

To delete an episode, you will need to archive it first. Once archived, click on the "View Archive" link on the top-right of the table, and you'll see a "Delete" button there as well. 

Note that if you delete an episode, it will import again from the feed (unless it was deleted from the feed itself as well).

Episode categories

You can easily add categories to individual episodes. The categories allows you to create a category page with all the episodes that are relevant to that category. The categories appears in the meta description of each episode. You can see in the image below that this episode has a category of photography.

Episode tags

Episode tags are automatically imported from your RSS feed. They will be displayed on the bottom of each episode page. You can also add them manually by editing each episode.

Adding tags means your visitors can search for episodes and the relevant episodes will be part of the search results.

In the image below you can see the following tags for this episode: woman, actors, artists etc...