Podcast Episodes

All of your podcast episodes will appear once you click on your podcast in the "Podcasts" tab:

Your episodes will always be imported directly from your RSS feed automatically. You can manually click the 'Sync' button to check for new episodes, or wait for the automatic/scheduled process to do so automatically for you. The automatic importer runs every hour or so, and will always import your latest episodes into the website.

You can add unlimited episodes to your Podcastpage site. The homepage of your podcast page includes a 'Load More' button that would display more episodes as you click the button, so we recommend keeping the number relatively low (<20) to keep your site loading rapidly.

To edit the episodes, simply click on the 'Edit' button and start changing the title, content, URL, add a YouTube/Vimeo video (or any other embed by including the video embedded iframe code), add podcast guests, categories and much more. Lastly, you can also pick specific episodes to be featured as part of your featured episodes widget or slider widget. To feature an episode, tick the "Featured episode" box and save. Then you can add the Featured Episodes widget to one of your pages to display your favorites episodes.

Note - Once you modify an episode, it will not sync with your RSS feed anymore. This means that if you change anything, it won't be removed/overwritten by the content you have in the feed every time it syncs.

Manually adding an episode

If you want to manually add an episode (which is not in the feed), you can easily do so by clicking the "Add Episode" button. This is especially useful if you have "bonus" episodes that are not part of the feed, or if you just want to include other entries without including those in the public RSS feed.

Archiving an episode

You can archive your episodes to ensure they are being hidden from your live site, and restore the ones you want back in.

Searching an episode

If you want to find a specific episode in your admin panel, simply search for that episode by clicking on the search icon above the episodes table. You can search for any episode based on the title.