Podcast setup

Since podcasting is at the core of our product, we work hard to make the process of connecting podcasts as easy and streamlined as possible. Once you add your podcast, you'll easily find all episodes, artwork, the audio files, and any other content we're able to pull automatically.

You can import your podcast upon creating a new website (in the site setup wizard), or otherwise just import your podcast at any time through the main "Podcasts" section instead.

3 Options for connecting your podcast

  1. The easiest way to add your podcast is to search for an existing one in the form seen above.
  2. If your podcast is private or cannot be found via the search, you can always import by pasting the RSS feed. You can enable the RSS feed URL input by clicking on the gray link right below the search box.
  3. If you don't have a podcast yet, or the feed is not accessible, you can create a new feed manually by clicking on the link right below the "Import Podcast" button. This would create a blank feed with no episodes, but you can get started with that until you have a working feed, then just replace it whenever you are ready.

Note - Importing a very large feed may take a couple of minutes to complete the import process. If you cannot see your podcast or episodes, try to refresh the page.

Your site will automatically import new/future episodes as you publish them, so every time you release a new episode, it would automatically be imported onto the site for you - you don't have to create the episodes pages yourself!

Once you import your podcast, your homepage would instantly populate with your episodes and podcast details, simply refresh your homepage and you'll be able to start sharing your site in no time.

Editing the Podcast Information

When you connect a podcast, we automatically import the title, artwork, description and a lot more data. If you want to edit any of the above, or add more info about the podcast hosts, link social networks or subscribe buttons, you can do that by going to the "Podcasts" screen, and click on the "Edit Podcast" icon (second button from the left on the podcast card) -

In addition to the "Edit Podcast" icon, you'll notice a button that would force a sync of the feed, a button to view all episodes, and one to delete the entire podcast and episodes that go with it.

Migrating from one podcast host to another

If you're migrating all your episodes from one podcast hosting provider to another, some of your data may need to be refreshed. Once you've migrated to the new provider, please edit your podcast as described above, and re-save it with the new RSS feed URL:

The next step would be to force a refresh of all your episode audio URLs, artwork images, and GUIDs.

Forcing a re-sync won't override any of your custom episode data (like show notes, guests, titles, categories etc.), but would only update data that is dependent of the host you're currently using.

This can be done by clicking on the "Force Feed Re-Sync" link at the bottom -