Multiple Podcasts

The "Podcast Network" and "Enterprise" plans both include the ability to connect multiple podcasts to one website. This is great if you run a few podcasts and want to display all of them on the same domain, if you have a podcast network, or just want to aggregate a few different podcasts.

With the multi-podcast mode, your listeners would be able to filter out episodes from different podcasts/shows directly on your homepage, and you'll be able to display each podcast on its own page separately as well.

Adding multiple podcasts is easy. Just head into the "Podcasts" screen, and click on the "Add Podcast" button. Then just follow the quick import wizard to add your podcast.

Once you add more than one podcast, you'll find a new section in the customizer that controls the homepage "multi-podcast" header.

Your homepage would now include all podcasts linked to your site. The Multi Podcast Header will be populated with demo text. Make sure to change it under the "Customize -> Multi-Podcasts Header - > Homepage Content" setting.

Here's an example of how the homepage would look like -

Note - When you add more than one podcast, the URLs of your podcast episode would always include the podcast's name. Your old URLs ("") would always work but would now redirect to the new URL structure (""), this would make your site easier to navigate and handle SEO better when using more than one podcast.

Example: Multiple Podcasts