Our built-in audio player supports timestamps/soundbites from within your show notes. If you add text into the episode description that includes numbers in HH:MM:SS format (or even MM:SS), they'll automatically convert into smart links that navigate through your episode. For example, you can create a list of chapters like the following -

  • (28:03) - Your first chapter title goes here
  • (32:55) - Your second chapter title goes here
  • (57:12) - Your third chapter title goes here

You can also add it within the text in about any way you find fit. If the show notes that exist in your RSS feed already include these timestamps, we'll import them automatically!

Note - the timestamps can only work with the default audio player - not any other player like the Sticky player or Embeds etc.


Episode Deep Links

If you want your listeners to directly land on your episode page and start listening from a certain point within the episode, you can use our deep link timestamps option.

When you share your episodes, simply add the "?t=01234" (change the "01234" number to the time you need - in seconds) to link to a specific time within any episode. Then any visitor who reach the episode page via these links, and starts listening to the episode, would start from the time specified in the URL.

Example: site.com/episode-url?t=223344

Importing Soundbites/Timestamps from your RSS feed

We work hard to automate everything we can around importing your podcast. Some feeds include support for the "Podcast Namespace 2.0" standard (more info about that here). If your feed includes the "soundbite" tag with pre-defined timestamps, we'll import it automatically and add it to your episode's description.

Furthermore, if your feed does not officially support the "<soundbite>" tag, we'll still import numbers in the HH:MM:SS format or MM:SS  format and automatically make those clickable to browse along each episode.