Transcripts are highly helpful for several reasons. It can be useful for the hearing impaired or for people who want to read a certain segment of your show rather than listening to it. Furthermore, a full transcript on each episode can help quite a lot to your SEO score, so we usually recommend to set those up for your episodes. 

You can easily paste a transcript to any of your podcast episodes in the Episode Transcript field:

This will then show up on your actual website in the format seen in the screenshot below, and support built-in clickable timestamps. We know transcripts can be very long so we add the expand/collapse button as seen below. This is great for saving a little space on the page and still account for SEO at the same time.

Importing transcripts from your podcast RSS feed

We support the <podcast:transcript> tag you may have in your feed! If your feed has the <podcast:transcript> tag, we can usually import it for you automatically and load the entire transcript for all episodes on your episode pages. We apply appropriate formatting and create clickable soundbite links in case you include the time tag for each sentence/segment.

The <podcast:transcript> tag is part of the "Podcast Namespace 2.0", which we are proud to support. You can read more about that here.