Episode Search, Category & Season Pages

We automatically include "dynamic" pages within your site for each " Category" or "Season" you add to your episodes. It's also possible to search for episodes (by title) directly on your website -

If you have more than one podcast linked to your site, the search feature would run through all podcasts and all episodes. In case you have categories that are shared between multiple podcasts, you can also display those on the same page.

With that said, you can even restrict the categories to each podcast's scope, by using the /podcast/podcast-name/category/category-name slug, instead of the simple /category/category-name option.

As mentioned above, these pages are created automatically for you, so you don't have to do anything beyond adding category or season information to your episodes. Once you add a category or a season name/number a link would be added to the meta byline of each episode.

You can easily add these pages to your site's navigation by using the appropriate section within the "Customize" tab, or even link to a search results page in there!

Example: Editing Episode Categories