Episode Search, Category, Tag, Year Season Pages

We automatically include "dynamic" pages within your site for each of the following episode taxonomies:

  • Categories - Individual category pages per episode category. (/category/category-name)
  • Tags - Individual tag pages per episode tag. (/tag/tag-name)
  • Seasons - Individual pages for each season of a podcast (based on the "Season" field in the episode form). (/season/season-number)
  • Year - Individual page for each year - for example, "2024" would return all episodes published during that year. (/year/2024)

If your website includes multiple podcasts - these pages are generated both on the website-level (for all episodes that are on the site) and on the podcast-level.

These taxonomies can also be used in the page builder, in order to filter certain widgets based on category/tag/season/year so you're not limited to the automatically generated archive pages mentioned above.

Search Results

It's also possible to search for episodes directly on your website. The search algorithm takes into consideration your episode titles, tags and categories:

To add dynamic search pages to the navigation bar, use the appropriate section within the "Customize" tab -> "Header & Footer" -> "Navigation/ Menu Links".

Example: Editing Episode Categories

And how the categories look on the website - in this case we are only showing episodes under the category of "makers", but you can see the 3 categories + all buttons above the episodes: