Custom Widgets

There are several "Widgets" you can add to your pages to display special types of content. (This can sometimes be referred to as "Blocks" or "Elements" on other platforms)

Some of the widgets can also be added to the sidebar or the footer. To add the widgets you should create or edit a page (or add a sidebar/footer widget), go to the page content settings and click on the relevant widget.

Subscribe Icons

Add subscribe/follow icons that link to your podcast on all platforms. Once you set up the links via the "Customizer", you can add this widget to any page, blog post, episode, sidebar, footer and other areas.


The Episodes widget displays all of your podcast episodes in a list or grid layout. Your website already comes with a page that contains this widget. (the "Episodes" page)

Recent Episodes

On the footer and sidebar areas, you can add a compact list of recent episodes. This would display the 5 most recent episodes. If you have multiple podcasts it would list the latest episodes from all of the podcasts.

Episode Slider

Similar to the recent episodes widget, the Episode Slider widget shows some of the most recent episodes in a full-width slider mode. You can scroll right and left to view other episodes.

Featured Episodes

The Featured Episodes widget displays your top/favorite episodes in a carousel. You can select episodes to be featured by going to the "Podcasts" screen, then view your episodes and edit the ones you want to display as featured. Then, towards the bottom of the episode editing page, you'll see the Featured Episode checkbox. Select that option and click on save. Now this episode will be included in the featured episodes widget.

Audio Playlist

The Audio Playlist widget displays your latest episodes in a cool playlist mode!

Podcast Carousel

The podcast carousel widget is only available for websites that have multiple podcasts (if you're using the "Business" plan, your site supports multiple shows).

This widget displays a gallery-like carousel with all your different shows. 

Contact Form

Add a contact form to any page or section to let your visitors leave a message or contact you directly. You can't change or customize the form itself or the fields at the moment, but you can add text above or below the widget.

Voice Message

Similar to the contact form, the Voice Message widget can be added to all of the pages and sections (footer, sidebar). You can't change the text of the widget, but don't confuse this widget with the one you can add to the header. To change the text of the Voice Message widget and control how it looks, you need to go to the 'Customizer' -> 'General Settings'


The Reviews widget let you display the reviews your podcast has received on Apple Podcasts and Podchaser. If you don't have reviews yet, it will display the review form instead to help you collect reviews. 

Review Form

The Review Form widget lets you collect reviews for your podcast. The visitor can submit them to your Podcastpage account, or submit it on Apple Podcasts, Castbox or Podchaser.

Review Carousel

Similar to the Reviews widget, the Review Carousel will display your reviews in a carousel and you can scroll through dozens of reviews horizontally.