We know how important integrations with external apps and services can be for your podcast and website. That's why we include multiple integrations right out of the box (and plan on adding several more integrations soon). The current list of integrations can be accessed in the "Integrations" tab of your site settings panel, and include:


Connect your Twitter account to automatically post tweets for new episodes that are published on your site. This integration is easy to set up - all you have to do is approve the Podcastpage app when you login to Twitter via the "Integrations" page. Then, you can adjust the text that is added to each tweet

Google Analytics

If you want to get statistics and track your site's performance, simply connect Google Analytics by inserting your unique tracking code into the form and save. You can use the Google Analytics V4 ID (in this format: G-XXXXXXXXXX) or the V3 code (in this format: UA-XXXXXXX).

Google Tag Manager

Similarly to Google Analytics, you can easily integrate the Google Tag Manager into your site by adding the unique code into the form. Google Tag Manager allows you to enable advanced features, track your performance on search engines, or manage custom scripts and tags in one simple panel.


Mailchimp is one of the leading email marketing and automation platforms. You can easily add embedded Mailchimp forms into the "Subscribe" pop-up of your Podcastpage site. To add the form, simply copy and paste the form's code from the Mailchimp website, and save it.

Zapier (Pro Integration)

Our integration with Zapier will allow you to create a lot of different automations based on your website content. This integration is only available to users within the "Pro Integrations" tier (Business plan or above). Every time a new episode or a new blog post is released, your website will "notify" Zapier and there you'll be able to integrate with nearly any app or site like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google Docs, Mailchimp, ConvertKit and much more. 
Currently, the Zapier integration only supports outgoing actions (whenever something happens in the website, you can apply an action somewhere else), but over time, we'll also add incoming hooks to automatically create content on your Podcastpage website.


Fusebox is a podcast audio player tool that you can use instead of our default audio player options. You must have a Fusebox account (with your podcast connected there too) before using this integration.
For more details about the Fusebox integration, please visit this page.


Podchaser is a podcast database, listing nearly all podcasts from around the world. With our Podchaser integration, you can easily submit your podcasts to Podchaser, if one of your shows isn't already listed. To add your show, simply click on the Podchaser logo and then click on Submit next to your podcast title. If your podcast is already listed on the Podchaser data base, it will show a checkmark.


Use our Instagram integration to showcase the most recent image/video posts from your Instagram account on the website. To connect Instagram, simply click on the Instagram integration, log in with your account, and set the number of posts to display.

Then, you'll be able to add the "Instagram Gallery" widget onto any page, sidebar, footer etc.


ConvertKit is another leading email marketing and automation platform. You can easily integrate ConvertKit and embed your forms into the "Subscribe" section. You can copy the script or the HTML code and paste it in the ConvertKit integration box.


Supercast is a powerful tool for podcasters who are looking to create a subscription/membership model to monetize their podcast.

Supercast provides all the necessary tools such as private RSS feeds and restricted access depending on the plans your visitors are using. With the Supercast integration, you'll be able to add a direct checkout link/button in your navigation open the Supercast checkout modal/popup directly on your website. 

You can also add an entire plan into the content area of any page, post or episode - simply copy the code included in the integration page and paste it in the code view within the content editor. 

Lastly, you can display a Supercast button in your "Donations" modal. This is done automatically if the Supercast integration is on and if you display the donations modal. More Supercast integration options would be available in the future so stay tuned!


The Facebook Pixel integration allows you to track your FB campaigns and enable advanced analytics and reports.


Segment is one of the most popular tools for managing all of your customer data in one place and offers a unified dashboard with all of your analytics, marketing and other tools.


The HubSpot integration allows you to connect your site with the website analytics tool provided by HubSpot.


Add a comment section to your podcast episodes and blog posts. You'll need to sign up to Disqus, add a new site and set your "Shortname" there. Once you have a Shortname, add it to your Podcastpage integrations panel and you should be all set. You can moderate the comments on your Disqus account. You can find more info here -

Plausible Analytics

Add the Plausible Analytics script to your website. Plausible is a privacy-focused website analytics platform that is GDPR compliant right out of the box. To enable this integration, simply go into your dashboard, then head into the "Integrations" page, and click on Plausible Analytics. Activate the integration code to automatically apply it on your site. (You will need an active subscription on to use this integration)


If you don't want to use our free voice messages features, you can use SpeakPipe. The integration allows you to add SpeakPipe to your website and visitors will be able to send you voice messages from anywhere on your website by simply clicking on a button.


UserWay puts your users first, regardless of what disabilities they may have, while ensuring your site is fully compliant with ADA and WCAG 2.1.