Website Analytics & Statistics

By default, we don't track or store any visitor information on your site. You can easily add such a functionality to your site. There are a few options to add an analytics service and track website stats, here is a quick breakdown:

Built-in Analytics

Depending on your current plan, you can enable built-in analytics via the "General -> Analytics" section of your dashboard.

Once you enable the built-in analytics option, your site will start tracking data. Our built-in analytics tool is fully compliant with GDPR. Note that you won't be able to access historic data from before you've activated the integration.


We support several web-analytics providers right out of the box via the "Integrations" panel. Each one of those integrations would enable a tracking code on your site and you'll be able to get all the information through the provider of your choice.

Here's a quick tutorial video for connecting Google Analytics to your site:

Custom Javascript Code

You can add your own custom tracking code in the "General -> Custom Code" section. This can be code that you simply copy from a certain provider, in case it isn't already supported as an integration and you still want to use that service.