Voice Messages

All plans include a Voicemail feature that allows your visitors to leave you a message.

If you want to display the button across your site, go to 'Customize -> General Settings' and enable the 'Voice Message' option. 

Once you enable the voice message button, you can modify a few more settings related to it. There are options for the layout of the voice message button (Icon-only, Bottom, Right), the title of the button itself, and a subtitle that appears on the recording screen once the button is clicked.

By default, the voice messages you receive would be sent to the email you signed up with to Podcastpage. To change the default email address, you can go to your site settings: 'General -> Email Settings'. 

Please note, this field is also affecting the contact form entries, so both the contact form and the voice messages will be sent to the new email address you set there.