Contact Forms

Contact forms can be easily added in multiple places on your Podcastpage site.

By default, your site will come with a demo "Contact Us" page with a form. You can also add a contact form to any other page, blog post, episode, or even inside the sidebar or footer widgets.

Edit any of the above content areas in your content editor, then click on the “Contact Form” button to add the form.

You will receive our contact emails at the email address you signed up with on Podcastpage. If you would rather use a different email address, you can change it under "General-> Email Settings" under the "General" section.

Important - We do not manage your inbox or host your mail server. If you want to use an email address on your custom domain, you'll have to find a dedicated email host (there are free hosts like or forward all your mails automatically to your Gmail or any other inbox.