Podcastpage lets you create a beautiful blog and integrate it into your podcast website. You can easily create unlimited articles/posts, and display them all on their own pages along with a main blog index page that displays all posts.

To create a new blog post, simply go into the "Blog" section of the settings panel:

The blog section contains a list with all of your blog posts, where you can create new blog posts, edit existing ones, or delete posts. When creating a new blog post you will need to set up the title of the post, a unique "slug" that would serve as the URL of the singular post page, modify the content, and add a "Featured" image that would be connected to this post.

SEO settings

Read more about the blog SEO settings here.

Blog index page

Your site automatically creates a "Blog" page to show all of your blog posts. You can access this page under the "/blog" URL of your site, for example:

You can easily edit that directly via your "Pages" section of the dashboard. If needed, you can even change the page title, URL, or add more content before/after the list of posts. You can add the "Posts" widget (a list or grid of blog posts) onto any page.

Scheduling blog posts (and publish on a future date)

You can easily modify the dates set for each blog post within the post edit screen. If you want to set a future date, and schedule the blog post to be automatically published on that exact date and time, it's easy to do with the same datepicker.