Templates / Themes

We created a bunch of beautiful website themes / templates for you to use. These themes are consisted of two parts, the color/layout settings and the actual page layouts. When you create a new website, you can browse through the available themes and pick a starting point for your website. Once you do that, your website will be loaded with some demo content and pages, so you can quickly start from that stage and make it yours in no-time. (you can always change the theme and adjust the templates at a later stage).

You can click on the "View Demo" link to get a full preview of the theme in a new tab. If you don't want to select a theme or get the demo pages set up, you can click on the "Skip" link below the themes:

Selecting a theme during the initial setup would apply the look & feel of the theme to your newly created website, and also set up the initial demo pages on your site. If you want to delete those pages, edit the content, or replace the templates with other demo pages, you can do so via the "Pages" section of your dashboard. (More info on that is available here)

At any point, you can change your theme via the "Customize" screen, under the "General Settings" tab:

Here's a preview of the available themes, take a quick look and choose the one that you like best!