Mobile / Responsive Capabilities

By default, your website is mobile-ready and fully responsive.
There's nothing you have to do in order to get it working properly on any type of mobile device.

We automatically resize all the built-in parts of the website, and make them fully compatible for small screens as well as larger monitors.
If you create pages with the Page Builder, we recommend that you toggle between the 3 different views (mobile/tablet/desktop) to make sure the website looks great on any device. With the page builder, every change you make in a specific view would only affect that type of device.

You can use this functionality to override certain responsive styles and improve the layout in every different screen size. 
Check the following help article about mobile editing to see how to control different elements in each view.

If you need to make a specific change on Mobile that isn't supported by default - you may have to use some custom CSS code and only apply it for a certain screen size.