Video Channels (YouTube)

You can import all videos from your YouTube channels. To connect your YouTube channel (or multiple channels, on the Business plan), simply head over to the "Videos" page of your dashboard - 

To add a new YouTube channel, simply click on the "Add Channel" button -

Then, you'll be prompted to add your YouTube Channel URL -

Please make sure to include the full URL of your channel, including http or https. Here is an example -

You can also use your YouTube channel short-link (as seen below) but that's not as safe as the channel link seen above.

If you need more info about finding your YouTube URLs, please refer to this page -

Manage Imported Videos

Once you click on the "Import Videos" button, your YouTube channel information and all of its videos will be imported to your website. Any time you publish a new video, it will automatically be imported to your site. After your channel has been imported, you can see a list of all imported videos by clicking on the channel image or title - 

Each entry has its own page, on a specific URL. You can also create manual entries (by clicking on the "Add Video" button) if you want to include videos that are not on YouTube (either embedded from other platforms or with a direct link to your MP4/MPEG file).

You can edit any video/episode separately, add more content, a transcript, add participants, change the featured image and much more.

Editing the Channel Information

When you connect a new channel, we automatically import the title, thumbnail/image, description and more data. If you want to edit any of the above, add social icons, connect participants or anything else, you can easily click on the " Edit Channel" button or icon:

Adding a list of Videos to Any Page

We make it super easy to control your own URLs and pages. You can edit any page and simply add the Video widget to it in order to show a list of video entries. You can control the layout options/styles like the number of columns to display, number of posts to load, all colors and so on -