Participants (Guests / Hosts & Intake Forms)

To better feature the people involved in your projects around the website, we created the "Participants" section.
Here you'll be able to create profile pages for your podcast guests, hosts, producers, composers, editors, engineers, and whatnot!

Creating a new participant

In your dashboard, click the "Participants" link on your left sidebar. There you'll find all participants added to your site. 
You can create new participants here by clicking on the "+ New Participant" button, or edit existing participants.
Participants can have a "Pending" status if you want them to still be in draft/private mode and avoid showing them on the actual website.

Once you create a new entry, a profile page is automatically created for the participant under your-domain/person/person-slug
After you add several participants, you can start linking them to your podcasts and episodes as explained below.

Adding participants to podcasts & episodes

Once you start adding participants, you'll notice that you can "link" or "attach" them to your Podcasts and Episodes.
This is done via the podcast edit screen, and the episode edit screen.

You'll find a widget where you can select your participant and assign a role for them.
You can choose any of the demo roles (Guest/Host/Writer etc.) or add your own text.

There's no limit to the number of participants you can add to an episode/podcast. When you add a participant to a podcast, the participant will be automatically "linked" to the main podcast page, but also to all episodes. When you add a participant to an episode, the participant will only be added to that specific episode. 

Showing the participants on your website

As soon as you have one "Approved" participant, a new profile page will be created for them. The profile page includes the participant image, name, role/job title or company description, and links to websites and social icons. Below the header area, the participant's description/bio will appear, along with a list of all episodes they are part of:

The cool thing is that you can now add lists of participants to any page! It'll looks like a grid of participants as seen below.
To add that list to any location of your site, edit the page, and insert the " Participants List" widget via the page editor. (tip - you can filter participants by role to only list guests or hosts or any other role).

Participants intake form

Another great part of the Participants feature is that your site visitors can apply and create a profile for themselves so you don't have to do all the work. You can add the "Intake Form" widget to any page. The form includes all the required information from your visitors. Once submitted, you will get an email (which you can reply to directly to contact the participant) and a new "Pending" entry will be created. You can review pending entries, edit them and approve them when needed from your dashboard.

Here's what the intake form looks like: