Team Members

The "Team Members" section allows you to add collaborators or other team members to help you manage your websites. It is a great solution if you want your team to help you work on the site, manage websites for your clients, etc. 

Collaborators cannot access your billing or account info, and they cannot access the "Danger Zone" (so, they cannot delete the site or change your plan). That aside, they can manage almost everything and help in customizing the site, adding content and so on.

Adding a new Collaborator to your site

  1. On the left sidebar, click on the Team Members link.
  2. You'll land on the "Team Members" page, where you can invite new collaborators and manage your existing collaborators.
  3. To add a new member, enter their email address and click the Invite button.

The collaborator will receive an email notification with a signup link.Once they accept the invitation and signup or login, they'll be able to access your site and help you manage it. (If they are new to Podcastpage, they will need to sign up via the link provided in the email. Once they are signed up, they will see your website right away.)

Collaborators for accounts with multiple websites

If your account has multiple websites, note that the collaborators feature work on a per-site basis. You'll be able to add the same collaborator separately on each one of your separate websites.