If your podcast and website are in a language other than English, you can fully translate the site to your language. We support all languages, including RTL languages (so the site layout changes accordingly. More info about RTL is available here).

Changing the default texts to your language is easy. There are four different types of content you can translate on your podcast website:

1) Your podcast content - This content comes from your podcast RSS feed. It includes the podcast title, description, episodes, show notes, and so on. If you want to change the language of the content in this category, you should ideally do it on your podcast host platform (so the website will then be automatically updated) but you can also make the changes within Podcastpage.

2) Demo content - By default, when you create a new website, we create a few pages for you so you can get off the ground faster. This includes several demo pages, a demo blog post, the initial site navigation and footer widgets. You can easily edit all your pages and blog posts to modify those texts. 

The navigation items and footer widget items can be modified in the Customize area (see next bullet point)

3) "Customizer" content - There are several text-related settings in the "Customize" panel. Changing these to another language (or to other texts in English) is fully possible. Here are a few examples from the Customizer texts:

  • General Settings
    • Voice Message Heading
    • Voice Message Subtitle
  • Header & Footer
    • Navigation links names
    • Footer widgets
    • Footer copyright (edit copyright button)
  • Sidebar
    • Search Widget Title
  • Podcast Header
    • Hosted By Text
    • Podcast Host Name
    • Subscribe Button Text
    • Reviews Link Text
    • Social Icons Follow Text
  • Single Episode Page
    • Hosted By Text
    • Podcast Host Name
    • Guests Text
    • Subscribe Button Text
  • Pages & Blog
    • Blog Index Title
  • Donations & Memberships
    • Donation Navigation Link Text
    • Donation Modal Heading

4) Default website text - Across your site, there are several default words/phrases that include success/error messages, button texts, tooltips, and more. 

There is a "Translations" tab on top of the General tab ("Site Settings") navigation. Once you edit the translations, you'll see that the default text on the site changes accordingly. You can leave some of the fields blank if you don't want to change certain texts:

Example: translating default texts to Spanish:

If you need to translate your website to Spanish, go over the "Translations" area on your site settings panel, and translate all the default texts. As an example, your contact form would look like this:

We are giving you a complete flexibility to decide what your website looks like and what text is being used.