We automatically import all reviews added for your show on Apple Podcasts (iTune) and Podchaser.

Each new podcast website will already include a review page and display all your podcast reviews. (assuming there's at least one review already added to your podcast)

To add a review page or to edit your existing page, go to Pages on the left side menu. Inside the page go to the Page Content section and click on the Reviews button. Add Text or Headers to add additional content around the Reviews.

Other than displaying the reviews on a dedicated page, you can also show them on the Podcast Header like in the example below - where you have the Reviews and 5 starts next to it:

To add the reviews to your Homepage, go to the Customizer -> Singular Podcast Header -> Reviews Link Display. Click on Show and set the Reviews Link Text. 

Manage your website reviews

You can easily hide reviews that you don't want to display on your website. To do that, go to the Podcasts tab on the left menu.

Click on the star below the podcast title. You can sort/filter reviews by rating (1-5 stars), share the review on Twitter or Facebook, or hide the review. To see the hidden reviews click on View Hidden Reviews on the top-right.